Adaptability of different irrigated lowland rice selection during wet and dry season planting at CPU Zarraga experimental farm (2002-2003)

  • by Erlinda B. Famoso (completed July 2003)


    The studies were conducted from June 2002 to May 2003 at the CPU Zarraga experimental farm to determine the yield potentials and range of adaptability of promising rice selections and to identify those that could be considered for national or regional recommendation. Thee results showed that among the selections in Group 1 PR29880-15-18, PR 26703-38-PJ25 and C6053-B-1-2-1-2 were taller than the other selections during the wet season planting. Whereas PR29878-3-26 and PR2743-PJ-2B-20-2-1 were significantly taller during the dry season with 105 cm in dry season. The cheek varieties PSB Rc28 and IR72 were the shortest during both season. Among the medium early maturing selections (Group II) PR31566(I) was the tallest during wet season, whereas PR31561-AR32-11-63-3 (I I4 cm) was the tallest during the dry season. The reduction on tiller production during dry season planting could be attributed to drought during maximum tillering stage. In medium early maturing, number of tillers ranged I8 to 26, numerically more tillers produced by PR25464-2-4-2-3-2-1-1-4-1 a new selection followed closely by another selections at 26 tillers .The check varieties PSB Rc18 and PS1B Rc30 had the same tiller of 21. During dry season planting more tiller of 20 was produced by PR25464-2-4-2-3-2-1-1-4-1 a new selection that produced more tiller of 30 in wet season planting followed by check variety PSB Rc18 (19 tillers). Second in rank were IR71676-247-90-2-2 and PR26610-B-17-1 at 7804 kg/ha. A new select IR 26610-90-2-2 ranked third with 7530 kg/ha. PR278543-PJ27 another new selection ranked fourth at 7188kg/ha. In dry season planting PR26873-PJ21-2-1 and PR26610-B-17-1 were two early maturing selections that yielded significantly more at 7184 and 7174 kg/ha. In Group II medium early maturing IR71700-247-1-1-2 a new selection that yielded 8187 kg/ha in wet season also yielded significantly high at 6911 kg/ha in dry season planting. Two selections yielded significantly high at 6911 kg/ha and 6957 kg/ha were PR29881-62-27-2 and C5896-5-3-1-1. These could be the selections to be monitored for the next cropping seasons. If these yield performance will be stable for two wet season and three dry season plantings, they can be recommended to the national technical working group of the Seed Council for naming as variety for planting in region six areas.

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