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Date:March 11-15, 2019 •20TH FACULTY RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM •17TH STUDENT RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM Venue: Educational Media Center, Central Philippine University Jaro, Iloilo City This …


Patubas is an Ilonggo word for “product” or “fruit”. It is a fitting description for this multidisciplinary research journal which is indeed, a product or fruit of our labors as researchers or the “seekers” of truth in its varied dimensions.


  • Volume 11 No.1 2016

    HEAVY METALS IN SEA SALT, SEAWATER SOURCE AND IODIZED SALT LOCALLY FOUND IN ILOILO, PHILIPPINES Jun Ozbert M. Haguisan, Ann Marie P. Alguidano and Isah Lou G. NocalABSTRACTEating food contaminated with heavy metals could lead to poisoning, long term health problem and even death. One common substance needed for food...
  • Volume 10 No.1 2015

    IMPACT STUDY ON THE CPU INTEGRATED OUTREACH ACTIVITY FOR BARANGAY ILONGBUKID, SAN RAFAEL, ILOILO Aries Roda D. Romallosa, Hope G. Patricio and Margen A. JavaABSTRACTThis study evaluated the impact of Central Philippine University (CPU) outreach interventions and activities for Brgy. Ilongbukid and adjacent communities in San Rafael, Iloilo based...
  • Volume 9 No.1 2014

    EFFICACY OF DIFFERENT GREEN MANURES AND COMMERCIAL ORGANIC FERTILIZERS ON THE GROWTH AND YIELD OF POTTED LETTUCE AND CABBAGE AND THEIR RESIDUES ON LETTUCE AND PECHAY Ma. Victoria C. SeredricaABSTRACTTwo studies were conducted at CPU campus, IloiloCity from October 2009 to April 2010. The first onecompared the effects of IMO-5, commercial...

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