Production of Eco-Enzyme Cleaning Agent from Calamansi (Fortunella japonica) Fruit Skins by Fermentation as a Household Cleaning Detergent Substitute

Effects of Lantana Camara (Baho baho plant) Against Stored Grain Pest Rhyzopertha Dominica

Performance Evaluation of a Rice Husk Side-Fired Down-Draft Pottery Kiln

Design, Development and Construction of Charge Controller (CCC) and Solar House Syetem (SHS)

Graduate Tracer Study for School Year 2000-2001 to Summer 2004 of College of Engineering at Central Philippine University

Design, Construction, and Testing of Microprocessors-Based Electronic Load Controller for Micro-Hydro System

Determination of the Degree of Harmonics Generated by the GPD 515 Controller and its Effects on the Stability of Power at Central Philippine University

The Design of Drinking Water Treatment Facility System in Central Philippine University

Development of a process asset library (PAL) for the software engineering projects

Requirements management tool for small-to-medium scale software projects