Vision Mission Objectives


A University committed to Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL) and responsive to the needs of the total person and the world.


The mission of Central Philippine University is to carry out a program of spiritual , intellectual, moral, scientific, technological, and cultural training, and allied studies under influences which strengthen Christian faith, build up character and promote scholarship, research and community service.


The University Research Center aims to achieve the following:

– Increase the percentage of full-time faculty members actively involved in research;
– Increase the number of conducted and completed internally and externally-funded researches;
– Disseminate all research outputs of the University Research Center
– Publish the annual issue of two international research journals(Patubas and Scientia et Fides)
– Utilize research outputs in instruction, further studies by faculty, staff and students, and in planning and decision-making by the administration
– Integrate Christian values in all research activities, and
– Increase the number of patents and copyright produced by faculty researches.

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