Major Programs

1. Institutional Research

       The University has an Internal Research Program (IRP), which provides faculty members and staff with research opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. The program enables faculty members to obtain funds for their research and at the same time be compensated cash research bonus(tax free/Di-Minimis) equivalent to one month basic pay. Research projects may be basic or applied.

2. Externally Funded Research

       Apart from administering the IRP, URC also coordinates the activities of and disseminates information related to the externally funded research activities. These projects include:(a) projects which are officially endorsed by and awarded to the university; (b) researches contracted by an external organization to CPU, specifically through the department or college; and (c) projects for which funds are directly channeled through different Research Centers(RC’s) of the University, Mechanisms aimed to facilitate the involvement of faculty members in externally funded projects are also provided by URC.

3. Research Dissemination

       URC serves as a clearinghouse of research-related information and disseminates salient findings of completed researches. The center spearheads the holding of annual University Research Symposium (URS), which is held at least, once a year. The URS is participated by faculty researchers and students of the university. Apart from the holding of URC, the URC is also responsible for publishing the CPU Research Newsletter and Research Journal, and for maintaining a Web Page, which features the activities and accomplishments of URC.

4. Research Education and Implementation Assistance

       The center sponsors seminars and workshops on research proposal preparation; data processing and analysis; and report writing . Seminars and workshops are held at least once a year and are participated in by faculty members who intend to submit research proposals to URC. All technical assistance needed during the conduct of approved proposals is also extended by the center to the concerned faculty researcher. As a service unit of the University, the center also sponsors similar activities for other academic institutions, government or non-government organizations for the purpose of strengthening the research capabilities of their staff.

5. Policy Formulation and Implementation

       The URC assists in the formulation, review and amendment of the guidelines and policies governing research in the University. The center also ensures uniform implementation of policies across colleges/units.

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