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PNHRS Celebrates its 13th Week


The Philippine National Health Research System convenes health researchers, funding institutions, and policy makers to provide a dynamic activity in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City, August 13-16, with the theme “Achieving Health- Related Sustainable Development Goals through Research and Innovation”. 

This seminar was attended by Dr. Mary O T. Penetrante from URC; Dr. Ananias C Sabijon , Jr. from CTLE; Prof. Joelah V. Rio, Prof. Melta C. Sale, Prof. Gelbert Jan S. Porque from the College of Nursing; and Dr. Diadem Pearl S. Equiña from the College of Medicine.

The effect of varying levels of salt and mollases mixed with litter materials on the growth performance of broilers and on the reduction of odor

by Jaime C. Cabarles Jr. (completed September 2004)


      This study was conducted to determine the effect of different level of salt and sugar mixed with litter materials on the growth of broilers and on the reduction of odor and fly infestation. Treatments were laid in randomized complete block design (RCBD) replicated thrice. Panel of evaluators had requested to detect odor and fly presence two weeks after the birds were introduced in the pen and two days before the study terminated. Results showed that different level of salt and sugar mixed with sawdust had no significant effect (P<0.05) on the feed consumption, liveweight gain, dressing percentage, feed efficiency and water consumption except on water and feed rate. Treatments with sawdust had the lowest (P>0.05) organic and moisture content but highest on mineral matter compared to fecal matter of broilers raised on slatted floor. Furthermore, treatments with litter had no odor to indistinguishable with zero to less than 10 flies present as detected by majority of evaluators on two evaluations. Whereas, most of the evaluators reported that broilers raised on slatted floor had a recognizable to very distinct and annoying odor with significant number of flies present. The use of purely sawdust gave relatively a higher profit of P74 97 attributed to the production of potting materials out of litter.