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Extent of Deterioration and Formation of Toxic Substances in Cooking Oil (Coconut Oil) when heated repeatedly above smoke point

By Ma. Mercy A. Japitana (completed June 2016) ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determine the stability and Me toxic substances formed when cooking oil (Refined, Bleached and Deodorized-Coconut Oil or RBD-CNO) is subjected to heat treatments. Four treatments were used in the study the untreated (UN), (T1) was heated once, (T2) heated twice with … Read more

Ilonggo Perceptions on the Extent of Patronage Practices and their Attitudes toward Intra- Familial Succession in Iloilo

By Ernesto S. Saquibal, Jr. and Ma. Lindy B. Saquibal (completed October 2015) ABSTRACT The study examined politics in Iloilo by looking into Ilonggo voters’ perceptions of patronage practices of local politicians, and hose these conditions influence their attitude towards dynastic politics or intra-familial succession in the local level. A total of 384 respondents were … Read more

A Needs Assessment survey for a Proposed Speech Development Program for the Faculty of Central Philippine University

By Marie Melanie J. Javier-Misajon (completed November 2014) ABSTRACT This study surveyed the oral communication skills of the faculty of Central Philippine University and to determine their perceived skills and need levels. It also determined any significant relationships between certain personal and CPU- related demographics and their need levels and willingness to participate in the … Read more

Norms of Morality as Reflected in the 19th Century Philippine Literature: A Content Analysis

By Sharlene G. Gotico and Anna May Y. Zerrudo (completed January 2014) ABSTRACT this study was conducted to identify the norms amorality as reflected in the 19th century Philippine literature. Content analysis was used in this study using the three approached in literary analysis. namely Moral-Philosophical Approach, Feminism, and Historical-Biographical Approach. The following are the … Read more

Perspective towards schooling opportunities of a most at-risk population of Iloilo City

By Marie Melanie J. Javier – Misajon (completed July 2013) ABSTRACT This study investigated several demographic features of a Most At-Risk Population (MARP) of Iloilo City, specifically, Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs). It also investigated their residency status, vocational training history and views regarding the opportunity for schooling for an alternative livelihood. It also aimed to … Read more

Tubiganay: Conflict Resolution amongst Indigenous Cultural Communities in Central Panay Mountains

By Irving Domingo L. Rio and Rodel C. Palomar (February 2013) ABSTRACT Conflict resolution is vital in the maintenance of societal order because without it chaos will prevail and the society’s existence is in peril. The indigenous cultural communities of Central Panay Mountains, collectively called the Panay Bukidnon people were able to preserve their old … Read more

Learning in managing an outreach project: The case of CPU Katin-aran Center.

by Edwin I. Lariza and DZ P. Lariza (completed February 2013) ABSTRACT This study was conducted to describe the growth and development of Katin-aran Center and its contribution to the community, as well as the University. It used the exploratory and descriptive design. A focus group discussion with pioneers and key players validated both primary … Read more