Vol 14.2 Studies on Lived Experiences of Clan War Survivors and Terrestrial Macrophytes

Vol 14.1 Graduate Tracer Studies

Vol 13.4 Studies on Design, Construction, and Testing of Microcontroller-Based Electronic Load Controller for Micro-Hydro System and Design and Performance Evaluation of a Jack-Driven Briquetting Machine for Briquette Production

Vol 13.3 Studies on Construction and Testing of an Improvised Leaf Electroscope and Web-based Service Request Management System

Vol 13.2 Studies on Ilonggo Perceptions of the Extent of Patronage Practices and their Attidudes Toward Intra-Familial Sucessions and Awareness, Availment, Assessment and Importance of Student Services

Vol 13.1 Studies on Biomass Yield of Moringa Oleifera as Influenced by Plant Density and Harvest Frequency and Adaptability and Horticultural Characterization of Different Moringa Accessions

Vol 12.4 Studies on Jack-Driven Briquetting Machine and Frequency Drive Controller

Vol 12.3 Studies on Philippine Literature and Perspective Towards Schooling Opportunities

Vol 11. 4 Studies on Conflict Resolutions and Religions in Southern Philippines

Vol. 11.3 Studies on Online Social Network, Academe-Industry and In-service Needs of CPU Faculty