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Construction and Testing of an Improvised Leaf Electroscope

by Rex S. Rubidy (completed July 2015) ABSTRACT This study aimed to construct and test the improvised leaf electroscope (ILE) Physics Laboratory experiments. It was only limited on the construction and testing of ILE. The finished products replaced the existing electroscope and provide hands – on learning experiences to the students. The Improvised Leaf Electroscope … Read more

Nutrient Composition and Antioxidant Property of Philippine Indigenous Vegetables

by Ilda G. Borlongan (completed August 2013) ABSTRACT This study determined the nutrient profile arid the anti-oxidant property of edible portions of 20 indigenous vegetables commonly consumed in the Philippines. The study conclude the most the vegetables are important sources of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, minerals and fats. The vegetables contain minerals (Ca, P and Fe) … Read more