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Efficiency of a Three-Phase Low Voltage Power Supply for Electrical and Electronics Student Laboratory

By: Ramon A. Alguidano Jr.


Understanding basic electrical circuit principles can be difficult for students taking up basic electrical engineering course. Enhancing learning methodologies requires experiments with adequate laboratory equipment. The lack of basic equipment required for these laboratory experiments hinder students from learning and fully comprehending their lessons. Affordable and locally designed equipment is needed as a substitute for the expensive technology that many schools in the Philippines cannot afford. This study is aimed to design, construct and test a low cost Three-Phase Low Voltage Variable Power Supply for Electrical and Electronics Laboratory with the following components: three-phase high voltage power supply of 220VAC, low voltage variable three-phase AC power supply with an output of 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V and DC output of ±12V, +5V, ±1.25V – ±12V. Central Philippine University College of Engineering requires laboratory subjects to facilitate and enhance learning methodologies. All output was provided with overcurrent circuit protection to protect the circuits and the components from overload and accidental short circuit. Result shows that all data have met the requirements for reliable, accurate and ready-to-use power supply equipment. The construction of the circuit was completed, thereby meeting the needs of the electronics and electrical students for a Three-Phase Low Voltage Power Supply.

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