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Issues and Concerns Arising from Research Collaboration Among Civil Engineering Students of De La Salle University and Central Philippine University in the Philippines

By: Alexis M. Fillone and Mary Earl Daryl A. Grio


This paper is an assessment of the outcome of research collaboration between 4th year De La Salle University (DLSU) Civil Engineering students major in Transportation Engineering and 4th year Civil Engineering students of Central Philippine University (CPU), Iloilo City. Specifically, it aims to identify issues and concerns in terms of time, communication, computation knowledge and tools, and logistics/resources during the research collaboration process, gather feedback from those involved and recommend improvements. Three undergraduate thesis groups from DLSU-Manila composed of eleven (11) students and four (4) groups from CPU-Iloilo City composed of twelve (12) students were asked to rate the research collaboration between the institutions as the students worked together under the guidance of their thesis advisers from both universities. Out of the original four (4) groups composed of twelve (12) students from CPU-Iloilo City, only two (2) groups involving six (6) students were able to conduct studies on transportation engineering. The data gathered by two other groups were utilized in the completed research of both institutions. The collaboration has helped the student groups from both institutions to finish their civil engineering projects on time. It has provided opportunities to help a local community as well as disseminate information to other communities through the presentation of the research papers in national and international conferences. Overall, the research collaboration was considered successful.

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