A Needs Assessment survey for a Proposed Speech Development Program for the Faculty of Central Philippine University

  • By Marie Melanie J. Javier-Misajon (completed November 2014)


This study surveyed the oral communication skills of the faculty of Central Philippine University and to determine their perceived skills and need levels. It also determined any significant relationships between certain personal and CPU- related demographics and their need levels and willingness to participate in the speech improvement program. A take-all approach was done of all full time faculty members and 87.2% participated. The instrument was a questionnaire of three parts covering demography, oral communication skills and training preferences. The results showed that the faculty members of Central Philippine University for the second semester of the school year 2013-2014 skills and ear 2013-2014 were largely females, married and middle aged. They had master’s degrees, Assistant Professor ranks, and earned a modest basic salary of Php15, 000.00 to 19,999.00 a month. They perceived themselves to have very good speaking skills but considered themselves to have moderate to high need for specific speaking skills. They were willing to participate in a speech development program for two working days. Among the variables, none was significantly related to speech need level but age, academic rank and basic monthly salary were related to the willingness to participate in the speech program. However, need level was significantly related to willingness to participate. In conclusion, the faculty of CPU is ready and enthusiast for an intervention program to improve their speech skills and the probability of success is high if the results of this research shall be used in designing the program.

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