Acceptability and shelf life of instant “Ginataang Darag” Native Chicken treated with different natural food preservatives

by Jaime C. Cabarles, Jr. (completed December 2006)


This study was conducted to determine which of the natural food preservatives could lengthen the shelf life and acceptability of instant “ginataang manok”. The preservatives used were Vit C, Vit E, and salt. Freshly cooked ginataang manok was prepared as a basis for comparison. The treatments were laid out in a completely randomized design replicated thrice. The some panel of evaluators was requested to evaluate the products for ten weeks Results of the study showed that ginataang Darag native chicken meat treated with Vit C had significantly (P<0.01) the lowest shrinkage after pressure-cooking while those with salt had significantly (P<0.01) the highest meat and bone ratio. The processed product with Vit E had the lowest (P<0.01) percent moisture extracted after oven drying. Freshly cooked ginataang manok was liked moderately to liked very much while those treated with natural preservatives were rated as liked slightly to liked moderately. Results further revealed that instant ginataang manok can be stored under room condition for ten weeks without deteriorating. Those treated with salt were  ₱2.00 lower production cost than the others were.

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