Adaptability of different irrigated lowland rice selections during wet and dry season planting under Central Philippine University experimental farm at Zarraga, Iloilo (2001-2002)

  • by Erlinda B. Famoso (completed November 2002)ABSTRACT

           The studies were conducted from June 2001 to March 2602 at CPU Zarraga Experimental farm to determine the yield potential, range of adaptability and field reaction to major insect pests and diseases of promising rice selections. and to identify those that could be considered for Regional recommendation.
            The results showed that during dry mason planting selection PR27843-PJ23-2-B-20-2-1 was significantly taller over the other selections but comparable to IR68450-36-3-2-2-3. The check variety IR72 was the shortest having a height of 88cm.
            In wet season planting 1R721875-94-3-3-2 was the tallest (121 cm) while PSBRc28 the check variety had a height comparable to IR72 having 104 cm. Selection PR29880- 15-18 yield consistently higher at 6489 g/plot and 6011 cav/ha (WS) and 5653 g/plot and 5591 cav/ha (DS)While check variety IR72 ranked 6th to 7th place which comparable to selection PR27445-3B-12-1 and IR722875-94-3-3-2. Rc28 (check) gave a lower yield of 4300 g/plot and 4160 cav/ha (WS) and 4426 g/plot and 4360 cav/ha (DS).
           Selection PR24968-2-4-1-1 and PR26610-B-17-1 gave the lowest yield of 3310 g/plot, 2327 g/plot and 3232 and 2256 cav/ha (WS). Whereas, selection PR31568 (I) – I and PR29878-3-26 obtained the lowest yield during DS planting.
              Grain yield data in group 11 revealed that Rc 28 was consistently the highest at 7148 g/plot and 7056 cav/ha (WS) and 5453 g/plot and 5586 cav/ha (DS), but this was numerically close to selection IR72889-69-2-2-2 which ranked secondly with an average yield of 6361 g/plot and 5470 cav/ha (WS) and 6148 g/plot and 5487 cav/ha(DS). Check variety Rc 30, however, ranked 9th at 5016 g/plot and 4919 cav/ha (WS) and ranked 13th at 3272 g/plot and 3285 cav/ha during DS planting.

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