Non chemical control of golden kuhol (Pomacea canaliculata)

by Erlinda B. Famoso (completed February 2005)


          The study was conducted on November 19, 2003 to March 22, 2004 at CPU farm, Tuburan Sulbod, Zarraga, Iloilo to determine the efficacy of different methods in the control of golden kuhol under field condition. The treatments consisted of different plants with pesticidal properties such as fresh kasla bark, seem leaves, tobacco leaves, lagtang vine and Icons, hagonoy stem and leaves, and kangkong and bamboo stake. These with four replications were laid out in a randomized complete block design. Bayluscide 250 EC was used as the chemical control, while plots without botanical or chemical pesticides were used as the untreated control.
     The results of the study revealed that the use of botanicals and bait were effective methods in controlling golden kuhol However, yield recovery is low due to more number of missing hills. Moreover, plots treated with fresh tobacco leaves and Bayluscide 250 EC had the highest percentage of dead snails with no survivors.
     The highest number of missing hills of 240 was recorded in the untreated plots giving a yield of 1.714 kg/ha followed by those treated with lagtang, hagonoy, neem, kangkong and bamboo stakes, kasla, tobacco and bayluscide. Bayluscide treated plots was also recorded to have the highest net income of P9,115.00 followed by plots treated with neem, tobacco, lagtang, kasla, kangkong and bamboo stake, hagonoy and the control.

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