The level of satisfaction of the secondary customers of CPU in the SY 2006-2007 and the possibility of sending return customers to the university.

  • by Humar D. Aberia (completed January 2007)


This survey-correlational study using a sample survey attempted to analyze the level of satisfaction of the secondary customers of Central Philippine University and the possibility of sending secondary customers to the university. This study likewise determined percentage, differences, predictive significance of the variables, and the direction and significance of the relationship between variables. Data for this investigation were gathered from the 3S3 parents of students enrolled in the different colleges and departments of the University for school-year 200-2007, using an eleven-section researcher-made data gathering instrument. The instrument was face validated, pilot tested and revised using factor analysis via Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)10.00. Data gathered were presented using percentages, means and standard deviations, and analyzed using, stepwise multiple regression analysis and pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient, and t -test for independent samples. The alpha level for inferential statistic was set at .05. Results of the investigation revealed that the participants are well informed about the admission and enrollment procedure and consider the procedure easy. Their level of knowledge about tuition fees was high but considered the tuition and fees high. They are knowledgeable about billing practices and consider these practices advantageous to pools. Generally, they are moderately familiar with the instructional effectiveness and perceive academic instruction to be effective. They are familiar with and view the University’s grading system to be efficient. They are familiar with the educational climate of the University and believe it is conducive to learning. They are aware their children’s arc safe and secure in the University. They are moderately familiar of the University’s support services and consider these services adequate. They are satisfied with the University’s services and are certain to send return customers to the University. Age was found to be significantly related to billing practices, safety and security and support services. Number of children was found significantly related to instructional effectiveness, and educational climate. Number of children at CPU found significantly related to tuition and fees. Being a CPU graduate or not was significantly related to six of the eight independent variables of the investigation. There are no predictors for customer satisfaction and three for return customers. The two dependent variables are significantly related.

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