Willingness, resemblance and readiness of CPU to ISO 9001:2000 management system

  • by Darril F. Pamocol and Dr. Margen A. Java (completed February 2005)


      The purpose of this study was to gather a data on the level or readiness of CPU to International Organization for Standardization Management Systems Criteria Number 9001 series of 2000 or otherwise referred to as ISO 9001:2000. Specifically, the study determined the percentage of resemblance and level of readiness of CPU management systems the ISO 9001:2000 as perceived by unit heads when classified as a whole and according to units and the extent of willingness of CPU Faculty and Staff to submit to ISO 9001:2000 certification.
      This study used the descriptive method of research and used two kinds of population namely: the population of all units and the population of all full-time personnel of CPU. The study made use of 2 researchers-developed questionnaires; one of which reflected all the requirements stated in the Philippine National Standards but with some revisions to suit an educational system like CPU.
      The gathered data were subjected to descriptive statistics only. Specifically, the statistical tool used was the mean and percentage distribution.

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